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Programs built for you,
not for the lender

Focused offers a full suite of financing options to accommodate even the most selective borrower.

We complete a thorough vetting process on each of our financing partners to ensure that our best-fit lenders are also best-in-class.

Financing Programs

A/R & PO Factoring

Stop worrying about net-30/60/90 terms and receive your dues the next business day. Factoring is a trusted solution for businesses with outstanding accounts receivable.

Asset-Based Lending

Financing options secured by real estate, equipment, or artwork. Interest-only options aid cash flow and flexible terms allow for extension at the borrower's request.

Business Term Loan

Long-term financing for business activities such as purchasing inventory, meeting payroll, renovating a location, refinancing debt, or just general expansion.

Equipment Financing

Affordable options for all industries, including non-essential healthcare devices. We structure our terms as an EFA, to avoid hidden fees as found in "fair market" agreements.

Healthcare Capital

Financing option available to those in the medical industry, including general and specialized practitioners, dentists, chiropractors, and allied health professionals.

Line of Credit

A true revolving credit facility, fully amortized, with simple and affordable payments. Funds are available for use at any point, and only cost you when drawing from it.

Merchant Cash Advance

A quick option offering funding based on future receivables, available for immediate use. Repaid through fixed ACH payments or as a percentage of credit card sales.

SBA 504 and 7(a)

SBA-guaranteed products grant secure access to working capital on favorable terms. New express SBA loan programs can fund in just two weeks' time.

Startup Funding

Leverage personal credit history and existing income to finance a new or early-stage company. 0% APR financing option available for qualified applicants for up to 18 months.